Memory  -  Desktop - Memory speed - 3000MHz (PC3-24000)

CMD8GX3M2A3000C12 dP Dhx 4x2

  Type: Desktop
  Memory size: 4 GB x 2 kit
  Technology: DDR3 SDRAM
  Memory speed: 3000MHz (PC3-24000)
Corsair CMD8GX3M2A3000C12, dominator Platinum with DHX technology + with white LED light bar + DHX P ...
R 3,886.00

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CMK16GX4M4B3000C15R D4Lp 4x4

  Type: Desktop
  Memory size: 4 GB x 4 kit
  Technology: DDR4
  Memory speed: 3000MHz (PC3-24000)
Corsair CMK16GX4M4B3000C15R vengeance Lpx with Red low-profile heatsink , with 8-layer PCB , 4Gb x 4 ...
R 4,626.00

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