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Cm Masterkeys Pro-S ReD

Coolermaster SGK-6030-KKCR1 Master Pro-S - cherry MX ReD - mechanical gaming keyboard with Multicolor backlit LED on all keys ( customizable with or without software ) , with 3.5x2.8 SMT larger LED , 72mhz ARM Cortex M3 processor ( 1.25-1.5 DMiPS/mhz ) , compact size with no numeric keypad , status Indicator system by FN keys - linear switch with Force feedback / low resistance, 45g actuation force , laser marked keycaps , support anti-ghosting + NKRO in windows or iOS , 1ms response time , 512kb on-board memory , with 3 ways/180 degrees cable management grooves - microusb with detachable braided cable

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  Type: Keyboard
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