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Corsair Scimitar RGB blK+Yel
Corsair CH-9000091 Scimitar RGB MoBA/MMo optical gaming mouse - blacK with Yellow highlight , 12x me...
R 1,528.00

Asus rX470 Strix 4G Oc
Asus ROG STRIX-RX470-o4G-GAMING - 4Gb Oc - Aura RGB Lighting ( front+backplate ) with 6 colors schem...
R 4,590.00

Inwin ca02 H-Frame2 Yelow+1065
In-Win ca02 H-Frame 2.0 black+Yellow led ( 500pcs limited edition with exclusive serial number ) - o...
R 19,810.00

Corsair K70RGB-mxSpeed/rapidfi
Corsair CH-9101014 K70 RGB Speed ( rapidfire ) - with larger font keycaps with brighter lighting - c...
R 3,059.00
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